Summit at Hollybush

About the Project

Dear reader:

The following is a digital scholarship project created by Rowan University’s Digital Scholarship Center in collaboration with Rowan University Libraries, University Publications, University Media and Public Relations, and the Archive and Special Collections. (Please see the Project Team) In addition, we have received significant support from the Glassboro Historic Society and numerous friends who have generously shared their story. This project could not have been possible without their support. 

This interactive story is a digital version of Robert D. Bole’s book Summit at Holly Bush, which was published in 1969 by the Glassboro State College Endowment Fund, Inc. The original hardbound book is available within the Rowan University Library Collection. The project’s focus is to provide students, historians, and community members access to information related to the Glassboro Summit, including a collection of primary and secondary resources such as photographs, video, audio, and documents. It is intended as an educational resource to develop historical and cultural understanding and to inspire new scholarship and learning about the Cold War, diplomacy, the Glassboro Summit, and how the Summit impacted the local community. 

As a consequence of the historical nature of the Summit at Holly Bush we have not edited Dr. Bole’s original text. This includes possible spelling and grammar errors and contextual and social descriptions. However, when appropriate we have included additional images, video, audio, and links to more information. In addition, as more material becomes available we will add more media content.

Dr. Bole was a well regarded Glassboro State College education professor and historian, and he wrote Summit at Holly Bush in the hope that it would inspire new scholarship. His other works include More than Stone Cold: A History of Glassboro State College and the collaborative book with Edward H. Walton, Jr, The Glassboro Story: 1779 - 1964. We are enormously grateful for Dr. Bole's contribution in documenting and telling this important story. 

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